How do I get removed from list? yes by several Mafia ways!!!

Bjorn Julin bnillson at
Mon Mar 6 00:57:04 CET 2000

>From: EyeSawWL at
>To: synth-diy at
>Subject: How do I get removed from list?
>Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000 10:11:18 EST
>Can someone tell me how to be removed?  Thanks, Bill

Well, if you tell me where you are i can come and
"push" into the river or out onto the highway.

Or i can try to shoot you down if you
prefear to drive by, here were i am!!

Or i could take some cement and tip you into the
lake of Stockholm called Riddarfjärden!!
(wery nice, can recomend)

BJ (in the land of remowers)

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