Education questions. (NOT FAIR)

Harry Bissell harrybissell at
Sun Mar 5 17:56:23 CET 2000

Oh NO NO NO.... once you are a major investor you become a "suit" even if
you still wear flannel shirt....

Engineering is  the career of the ultimately disposable.... Ownership is another

BTW (disclaimer) I'm responding to this (now somewhat ) OT thread for giggles.
I enjoy being an engineer, enjoy the company of engineers, and love my work !!!
That I get paid well for what I like doing is a plus... I do not like management
(as a job) but respect those who choose this path (even if it is the "dark side of
the force"). A good manager protects the best interests of the company (like a
living organism) and as a
"cell" that's good for you... Alas, the latest crop of managers has the style
(taught in MBA school no doubt...) that the short term bottom line is the golden
egg. This strategy lloks good on their resumes, but leaves a trail of human
carnage in its wake...  I believe a company OWES more to its membership
(employees) than just a check on friday and a "gee we're really sorry" when they
sell everyone out, to go on to consume a bigger and (soon to be) less fortunate

<religious mode on>
I truly believe that people who run companies in this fashion will be accounted
for this behavior on Judgement Day....  <religious mode off>

H^)   harry

Magnus Danielson wrote:

> From: "tomg" <efm3 at>
> Subject: Re: Education questions.
> Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000 23:09:09 -0800
> > Tom's $0.02.... This is ment to be a comical response to Harry..No
> > offence ment to MBA holders....really....I swear...;-)
> >
> > Justin this isn't for you. If you really want to know the answers to the
> > questions
> > you asked about and be a happy well centered ,productive ,contributing
> > member
> > of the human race, stay away from an MBA. It will ruin your mind and sap all
> > of your creative energy. Turning you into a blood sucking leech vampire
> > creature who thinks original thought is something he overheard a BSEE say.
> Yes, dont be tempted by the dark powers Justin, keep on the narrow path and
> become a good engineer instead, god knows we are in a lack of those ;)
> Actually, if you happend to learn to know the right people (during studies you
> get to learn a lot of people, some of them migth be VERY usefull to know later
> on) you could end up on a small obscure startup doing something immensly cool
> at the moment, getting on the stock option program or maybe even be there to
> found it (then stocks is reallly really cheap), let some people work for you
> to "sell" the company to investors and soon you see how you will enter croesus
> mode and into it. Expect the process to take a few years, it's not a instant
> hit (hmm... the company I worked for rose from 50 to 450 on the first day of
> stock trade, but that was new record, but its way past that level now).
> Then, when you feel it is time, you can leave, get whatever job you think may
> suite you and have enougth to spend on obscure hobbies ;)
> In the valley the current in thing is Linux, over here it is WAP.
> Cheers,
> Magnus

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