vcf5t update

tomg efm3 at
Sun Mar 5 12:25:28 CET 2000

I did something really good guys! One of our members asked
me to see if I could get this filter to work in his current project.
Well...I wasn't successful doing exactly what he wanted ..but I 
did something even better.  I removed the opamp all together!
Instead using a pair of inverting transistor amps. This cuts the
parts count down to 3 trannys and the diodes of course.

The coolest thing is it works soooo much better!! That kill
the neighbors dog ,split the sky oscillation is gone. The 
cutoff response is very smooth. You can easily sneak up
on the res advancing to full on without fear you are about
to blow your speakers and when it does self oscillate it's
even (more or less) across the entire res sweep.

The update is here. This is very cool. you guys should build one


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