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Sun Mar 5 09:35:01 CET 2000

>Thats a bunch of shit Justin (sorry Tom.... LOL). Stay in school... but get an
>MBA. You don't have to know shit by comparison... and with the money 
>you'll have buying and selling engineers like so much army 
>surplus... well you can put your kids through college, and enjoy 
>your yacht.

I went to Virginia Tech for one quarter in 1980 and left the place 
APPALLED. Don't even get me started.

If you ARE crazy enough to stick it out for four years then spend 
another year (time & tuition) and get the damn graduate degree. 
Otherwise you'll be kicking yourself with every bill you open...

>Tom & I will be living over your
>garage building all the Moog Filters you can shake a stick at ...

Maybe you'll have long suffering parents like mine.

>Tom's $0.02.... This is ment to be a comical response to Harry..No
>offence ment to MBA holders....really....I swear...;-)

Isn't the MBA (Master of Business Admin?, specifically) extinct now anyway?

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