Education questions.

tomg efm3 at
Sun Mar 5 08:09:09 CET 2000

Tom's $0.02.... This is ment to be a comical response to Harry..No
offence ment to MBA holders....really....I swear...;-)

Justin this isn't for you. If you really want to know the answers to the
you asked about and be a happy well centered ,productive ,contributing
of the human race, stay away from an MBA. It will ruin your mind and sap all
of your creative energy. Turning you into a blood sucking leech vampire
creature who thinks original thought is something he overheard a BSEE say.

If you want money eTrade, if you want to learn something go to school and
pay your dues.


> Thats a bunch of shit Justin (sorry Tom.... LOL). Stay in school... but
get an
> MBA. You don't have to know shit by comparison... and with the money
you'll have
> buying and selling engineers like so much army surplus... well you can put
> kids through college, and enjoy your yacht. Tom & I will be living over
> garage building all the Moog Filters you can shake a stick at ...
> LOL !!!
> H^)  harry  (sorry I got a wild hare up my @ss tonight...)
> tomg wrote:
> > Hang in there Justin. There's money in that piece of paper. If you want
> > the short course in synth design buy a copy of "The Art of Electronics",
> > a pile of parts, a proto-board, a few pieces of test equipment, stay on
> > this list and teach yourself. There aren't that many places that teach
> > you want to know....especially don't expect DeVry to teach you the art
> > of synth building.
> >
> > A BSEE will pay for your house, your wife's credit card bills and put
> > your kids through collage. It may even be able to support your synth
> > habit...if your not too extravagant. You won't be able to afford that
> > kind of  stuff if all you know how to do is clone Moog filters. Stay in
> > school, it doesn't really take that long and the rewards make it more
> > than worth the trouble.
> >
> > Tom
> >
> > > Hey list, I'm a sophomore in Electrical Engineering at the University
> > > Kansas, and I wanted your opinion on this matter.  Do I need a BSEE to
> > > build my own synthesizers (Tom G., Tony Allgood type stuff) or could I
> > > all the education I need from a technical school (DeVry maybe)?
> > >
> > > The reason I'm asking is because I'm finding the classes I'm taking to
> > > uninteresting and unrelated to analog electronics design.  I just
> > > to know if I'm headed in the right direction.
> > >

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