Education questions.

Paul Perry pfperry at
Sat Mar 4 01:17:52 CET 2000

At 01:48 PM 4/03/00 -0600, Justin Herrmann  wrote:
>Hey list, I'm a sophomore in Electrical Engineering at the University of
>Kansas, and I wanted your opinion on this matter.  Do I need a BSEE to
>build my own synthesizers (Tom G., Tony Allgood type stuff) or could I get
>all the education I need from a technical school (DeVry maybe)?
I've got an honors degree in Politics and History&Philosophy of Science.
And, I design & manufacture analog fx boxes for a living.
Everything you need to know you can learn from the net, and from texts like
Horowitz & Hill "The Art of Electronics".

I might say that the skills & techniques used in 'classic' analog synths aren't 
exactly what is taught in today's EE courses. But, there isn't much that might
not be handy some time! Often wish I had better maths chops, for example.

BTW I've employed a few EE grads over the years and the only ones that were
any use at all were ones who were building stuff BEFORE they became EEs.

paul perry (Frostwave P/L) Melbourne Australia

oh one more thing.... ya just never know when one of those 'irrelevant' things
in your course is going to be just what you need to know!!! You can't really
get a handle on noise & crosstalk problems without an understanding of EM
fields & waves ..

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