Education questions.

tomg efm3 at
Sun Mar 5 02:19:39 CET 2000

Hang in there Justin. There's money in that piece of paper. If you want
the short course in synth design buy a copy of "The Art of Electronics",
a pile of parts, a proto-board, a few pieces of test equipment, stay on
this list and teach yourself. There aren't that many places that teach what
you want to know....especially don't expect DeVry to teach you the art
of synth building.

A BSEE will pay for your house, your wife's credit card bills and put
your kids through collage. It may even be able to support your synth
habit...if your not too extravagant. You won't be able to afford that
kind of  stuff if all you know how to do is clone Moog filters. Stay in
school, it doesn't really take that long and the rewards make it more
than worth the trouble.


> Hey list, I'm a sophomore in Electrical Engineering at the University of
> Kansas, and I wanted your opinion on this matter.  Do I need a BSEE to
> build my own synthesizers (Tom G., Tony Allgood type stuff) or could I get
> all the education I need from a technical school (DeVry maybe)?
> The reason I'm asking is because I'm finding the classes I'm taking to be
> uninteresting and unrelated to analog electronics design.  I just wanted
> to know if I'm headed in the right direction.

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