ms50 - all-transistor

tomg efm3 at
Sun Mar 5 00:58:07 CET 2000

I missed a resistor...the update is here

Korg700/MS50 filter

The tranny stuff so far... In case you haven't been keeping up.
You know who you are..;-)

The Axxe / 2600 vco

Modified VCO w/3096, tri and sine

OB SEM eg  - modified for ADSR

Diode ladder/TB filter

Moog type filer


> Here is another all-tranny filter. It kinda fits with recent 
> threads. (1) you can blow your speakers with this one.
> (2) It uses my discrete (roll your own) op-amp.
> Sorry but my IPS has been horrible lately. I can only
> stay on for a moment or two, then BW hops into the
> toilet.
> Tom

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