Playing the modular through my home stereo

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Sat Mar 4 05:29:46 CET 2000

PA are in a completely different ballpark than home systems and studio
For drivers used in home and studio monitor systems 6dB and 12dB are the
Gentle crossovers are smoother with less phase problems around the crosover
If you want to use your home sterio as a monitor system for your synth gear,
please use a limitter for protection.
If you have the bucks buy a set of studio monitors, do so, it will sound
much better.
When in mixdown or simply playing outloud they are virtualy a must.

So far for the whishdom, now I use a home sterio for monitoring about 20
years now.
It serves me well, but then again my music is not heavy on the bass.
The system I use has 20W speakers driven by a 2x80W amp.
Since the speakers will blow long before the amp start to distort there is a
build in
protection against  distortion, thus protecting the speakers.
20W may seem on the low side.
For small rooms (say 4x4 meters) it turns out to be enough.
It protects my hearing, prevents fatique and is still loud enough to annoy
the neighbours ;-).

For mixdown I use a pro studio system, home systems don't do in that part.
Highend systems tend to sound to smooth, cheapo's to harsh, in praxis both
causes fatique
on long intense listening sessions ea. mixdown.

This is what works for me, will be intresting to hear what works for others.
Cheers Theo.

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> >
> > :::implementational problems, those can be solved, but with such sharp
cut offs
> > :::causes the trouble of jumping accoustical center as a instrument or
> > :::glides over the cross over point. This makes it be comprehention to
be an
> > :::unnatural behaviour.
> >
> > Of course. I think Mr. Pfleiderer shows in his works that
> > crossovers are a terrible mistake in the struggle to achieve
> > high fidelity.
> >
> > But we were talking about safety..
> Yes, but I also wanted to point out some related troubles, just to rule
> an incorrect dogma - "use as sharp filter as you can".
> > :::24 dB is not a sharp cut off, not in PA systems, 48 dB is. I'd say
that 24 dB
> > :::is more like the norm these days.
> >
> > All right for PA, but
> > I had the home application in mind, because the initial question was
> > home hifi equipment.
> Right. The thing is, unless something has changed lately, last time I
> most home stereos where still using a lot of passive filters in the
> in order avoid amplifier cost. A fixed 2-way or 3-way 24-db cross over is
> very expensive when being part of some integrated solution, the dual amps
> instead of single will be sligthly more... but we are talking low prices
> Also, being aware how it works in a larger system can be a good starter to
> figure out which things to "import".
> Cheers,
> Magnus

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