I'm a totally rookie in this!

David Castillo dafc at sinectis.com.ar
Fri Mar 3 10:14:04 CET 2000

I'm from Argentina, and I'm coursing my second year of Electronic Ingeneering. The only course that I had on something different than Algebra, Maths, Theorys of Movement, and Newton Phisycs, (all very intresting but dosn't help me to figure out how to make synths, yet) was C programming. 
I'm quite desesperated to start building something myself, but I don't know if it would be good copying some circuit without knowing anything about electronics or the electro-electronics basis of how a synth works. Here in Argentina there isn't bibliography on this subject, or if it is, I have to know what to ask for, since in the Electronic Shops the employers aren't so friendly to advice me on the matter or simply they don't. 
Beside is too difficult to get a good Analog Synth to dissasemble if you don't know if you will be able to assemble it again, and they are too expensive, that's makes me anxious to produce my own synths at a reasonable cost.
Well, thank you all and I hope some day I will have my own company and I will create really weird stuff and I'll will able to send you the PCB's and schematics to advise me, coment or clone them!

Thank you again!


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