Any Paia 9700 Experience?

Rory McDonald rmcdonald at
Fri Mar 3 20:34:03 CET 2000

It seems strange to me that Paia would put out the VCF before the VCO, but
maybe John figured that most of us have VCO's already.
Also it would be nice if their new catalog indicated that not all modules
were shipping yet, or approximate ship dates; I wasnt aware of that.
-Rory Mc Donald

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I have constructed the Midi2CV8 and 9720 VCF.    It is limited right now
without the VCA and VCO's.  But was able to use the Fatman as a VCO thru the
9730 VCF.  The 9730 works great but the gain is a little low or too high
depending of the configuration.  Maybe a limiter to control the signals back
to my Power Amp.
I have called Paia and they said the 9710 VCA should ship soon.  The delay
was changes to the instruction manual.   The 9720 VCO is almost finished in
the design phase.  It is being beta tested by other kit builders.

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