Playing the modular through my home stereo

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Fri Mar 3 18:42:12 CET 2000

Don't forget distortion, distortion will transfer
energy from the woofer to the tweeter.

Tim Ressel wrote:

> John,
> It is very bad for speakers if the levels are high enough. The problem in your
> case, believe it or not, was the high frequency content of the square wave. Even
> though it was a 5hz signal, the harmonics reach way above the cutoff for the
> driver. Whenever a driver sees a signal that is too fast for the driver to
> respond to, the cone/diaphram just sits there, and the voice coil absorbs all of
> the energy in the form of heat. Enought heat you'll be buying $150 diaphrams for
> your Altec 804B's. By the way, this is why we use crossovers for n-way systems.
> Those woofers will not much the highs.
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> >Only time I blew the speakers out, I was using a r*land
> >D*gital soundcanvas card & running a midi file shifted
> >down 4 octaves.
> >This gave very low freq square waves.. I couldn't hear
> >anything except this 'clicking' sound.. thought the gain was
> >too low.. turned out what I was hearing was the cones bottoming
> >out on squarewaves at 5 Hz or so.
> What I've wondered about for a long time is the effect of instantaneous
> transitions on speakers (even in the audio range). It seems hard enough to
> get electrons to move like saw and square waves, let alone speaker cones.
> Anyone know how traumatic this is for speakers?
> John Barlow

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