Tiracon 6v synth , what ic's were used ?

jhaible jhaible at debitel.net
Fri Mar 3 09:14:36 CET 2000

there in are a few
> schematics of the Tiracon 6V, I will try to scan them and put to my
> webpage. Also a description of the Double OTA IA317.

A cloned version of the NE5517 aka LM13700 ?
Just a wild guess. But there were a lot of GDR chips that had numbers
that resembled our western counterparts. A few years after the
reunion you could happen to find them in your shopping back from
Conrad Electronic sometimes ... (They never cared for manufacturers
other than looking which one's the cheapest one, IMO)
I bought a nice graphic EQ around this time, all wooden enclosure
and very unexpensive, and it was built around some unknown chips
whose numbers ended in '84. The pinout, and general function, was
a perfect fit for good old TL084. So, a dual OTA ending in '17
surely rings some bells. Darlington buffers included ?


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