Any Paia 9700 experience?

walter carpenter t02e at
Fri Mar 3 03:46:06 CET 2000

actually the vcf only has AR controls for the LFO and the VCA has a full 
ADSR, which is just fine in my opinion. I built the VCF awhile ago as my 
second module from a kit. I think its a great deal, sounds good and is 
pretty versatile

>I was just looking at the Paia 9700 web pages. I'm not sure if it's really
>available yet (the vco page seems to be preliminary), but it sure looks 
>good value for money. Anybody have any experience with this system yet?
>Only the vcf has full adsr, the vco/vca only have ar controls. Is this a 
>Kind regards,

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