PS blow out

RevTor at RevTor at
Thu Mar 2 22:35:33 CET 2000

Hey all,
  My 15v PS currently resides on a wooden board for versatilitys sake until 
my synth cabinet is finished.  Well, to make a long story short (no pun 
intended), I shorted it out (not sure what touched what).  The fuse wasn't 
installed yet because of the fact that the panel which I was going to mount 
it on isn't done yet either.  So now the +15 7815 regulator gets very hot, 
and puts out over 17 volts.  The -15 rail is fine.  Is this a matter of just 
replacing the 7815? Or is something else gone too?  (that fuse is going in 
this time definitely, and a cover for the thing too until I can enclose it 
Thanks for some answers,

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