Tiracon 6v synth , what ic's were used ?

Florian Anwander fa_diy at fa.camelot.de
Thu Mar 2 21:43:00 CET 2000

Hello you new Tiracon fellows ;-)

I found a book (of course out of print) "Moderne Musikelektronik" by Hans- 
Jochen Schulze and Georg Engel (published by the army department!  
electronics were a military matter in Eastern Germany): there in are a few  
schematics of the Tiracon 6V, I will try to scan them and put to my  
webpage. Also a description of the Double OTA IA317.
Who is interested in the whole thing should contact me, I may do some  
copies of this chapter and send via classic mail.

please use as private mail adresse fa at fa.camelot.de
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