More oakley sucess!!!

Tony Allgood oakley at
Thu Mar 2 17:19:56 CET 2000

>I built both the vcf-1 and the tb-3030. Excellent. I will be using them
on my next release.

Thanks very much Corneel, I'm glad you like them.

>Only one problem, does anyone have a drilling plan for the mounted

If you have the Frontplatten designer program from Schaeffer you can get
the example TB3030 drilling pattern from the TB3030 page on my web site.
The program can write to your printer so you can use it as a drill
template. Alternatively, get the Schaeffer guy to do it for you.

I haven't done one for the VCF-1, but if someone out there has, I would
love to include it in the VCF-1 web page.

TB3030 page:



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