OT: BOSH98 Help. Private mail.

Batz Goodfortune batzman at all-electric.com
Thu Mar 2 16:21:13 CET 2000

Y-ellow Y'all.
	Sorry to do this to y'all again but if there's a BOSH98 guru who can help
me could he/she/it please send me some mail. Otherwise Tune out right about


I'm only asking because this time, with this machine, it threatens to put
me off the air on a fairly long-term basis. Not only do I stand the chance
of loosing my net connection, all my EMAIL, my URLs and settings, but also
all my electronics data base my current work and my future plans. Of course
I have backups but that doesn't solve the problem.

In a nut shell. I need to take this machine running BOSH95 up to BOSH98
without loosing anything. People tell me this is possible but BOSH98 just
trashed the entire system. I got the machine back up (eventually) but half
the programs wouldn't work and there was no way I could  get back on-line.
I spent 8 hours on this. Fortunately I had a temporarily spare hard drive
big enough for me to clone the original drive onto. Which meant that I
could get back on line again and ask this.

I need to upgrade the hard drive. In order for BOSH to see it I have to run
98 for FAT32. I have to do this before I can change the whole system over
to a faster box with more RAM. I have to do that in order to get the new
box off the studio floor so I can rip everything out of the studio to
re-design it. It's a bit like the story of the woman who swallowed a fly...

Oh and one more thing. It get's installed across a network. There's no CD
drive in this machine. That part all worked out OK but if there's a way to
make BOSH98 keep the existing BOSH95  setup then I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the bandwidth.

Be absolutely Icebox.

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