Op-amps (was: oct/V to Hz/V converter)

jorgen.bergfors at idg.se jorgen.bergfors at idg.se
Thu Mar 2 08:24:51 CET 2000

>Personally I default to TL082s and NE5532s alot of the time, no real deep
>analysis behind it thougth.

Does the TL08x really have any advantage over TL07x? It has the same slew rate, same price and is quite a bit noisier.

The opamps I bought for the Mididac are the following:

This is a dual that is both fast and has very low noise but still doesn't require much power. Somewhat expensive, but not ridicously so. About twice the price of the NE5532.

Suppesedly good, but for what? Rather expensive.

Low drift? Anything else? A bit expensive.

Very expensive, but supposedly very good. Low drift?


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