tube synth schematics

Theo Hogers t.hogers at
Thu Mar 2 07:23:23 CET 2000

Hi, you all.
Here are 3 more or less unrelated questions.

1) I saw serveral messages refering to tube based synth disigns.
Verry cool, are there anny schematics on line? ( or better where are the schematics) ;-).

2) I'm looking for a good cheap transformer for "something with tubes".(not a synth)
Primery should be 220V, secondary app. 350V at 40uA.
Anny leads? the stuf I've found so far is much to heavy, will need to match CE standard though.

3) Looking for normalised filter tabels for eliptic filters. Tabels for all other filter types are quite easy to find but not these &^*%#@+ eliptic filters.

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