Playing the modular through my home stereo

J.G. Wong adaaxs at
Thu Mar 2 06:12:01 CET 2000

If you must engage in such madness, fuse your tweeters.  Arp or Moog ?
circuit breakers. Don't be a cheapie, get a little amp and keep it on
the floor away from your ears.  Synths sound better through combo amps. 
 Don't believe me ? Two words: Connie Plank.   Don't mess up your stereo.,



Harry Bissell wrote:
> Oh yeah... I forgot one other thing... don't play it too loud... Its really nice
> to achieve
> "middle age" (if you aren't now) and still have hearing left to enjoy synths.
> Wish I'd been even more careful as a young'un.
> H^) Harry
> "Byron G. Jacquot" wrote:
> > Dont forget to use some common sense, too.
> >
> > If the stereo has meters, keep an eye on them.  If they're moving (or
> > sitting in the red) and you don't hear anything, turn things down until you
> > figure out why!  You might be sending dangerous amounts of extremely high or
> > low signal without realizing it.
> >
> > A limiter might also help (especially if it has a meter of it's own!).
> >
> > Byron Jacquot

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