MIDI sequencer?

Theo Hogers t.hogers at home.nl
Wed Mar 1 21:29:52 CET 2000

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Subject: MIDI sequencer?

> I'm curious if anyone is familiar with a the application/design of a
> sequencer to send program change commands as well as note commands for
> each step to create a Wavestation-like sequence out of a K2000 or whatever
> synth?  Is the program change handled by the synth in a fast enough manner
> to prevent audible delays?  Does one of these smaller rythm sequencers
> allow you to do this?  Software program?  User-friendly enough to just
> turn a (virtual?) dial and scan through the synth's program sounds?
> Barry

Dear Barry,
You can do this with Logic, set up a step sequenser in the enviorment.
There are enoug templates for that hanging around so you don't need to lose
your mind on this one.
Maybe some newer synths will respond fast enoug, most won't.
There is also a problem with the synths internal FX.
Even when the synths responce to program change is fast enough most fx need
to "load up" with the new sound.
Your best bet is to use the same fx settings on all programs you are using.
Good luck.


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