Op-amp Reccomendations

MTodd14694 at aol.com MTodd14694 at aol.com
Thu Mar 2 06:00:53 CET 2000

My suggestions for inclusion:

OPA227, OPA2227, OPA4227 (single, dual, and quad)
OPA134, OPA2134, OPA4134 (difet input, sd&q)
OPA604 (fet input, single)
I'd probably reccomend the '134 or the '604, since they're designed 
specifically for audio use.

Analog Devices:
AD749 (bifet)
AD797 (single. Has some ungodly specs, but I've been told is a bit twitchy. 
Data sheet suggests it be used in applications like "hydrophones." Hmmmmmm.)

TLE2037 (a pretty new design)

BTW, how about adding distortion to the spec list?

Mitch Todd

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