Beat seeking groovebox toys...

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Thu Mar 2 00:41:07 CET 2000

the unit is called the Beat Voyager. It isnt made anymore, due to its
relatively high price and its rather hi complexity to the average dj joe
Oh, btw, it worked, but not always.


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> > I'll try this 1 more time since the last time I asked on a weekend
> >
> >  There is technology offered in some DJ gear that allows for locking on
> >  the beat, probably locks on to the sound of the kick drum in some
> >
> >  Does anyone know if this technology is offered in an external box that
> >  would allow connecting to various sources and then send to others?
> There is a device out there, but I don't recall the name.  It's made for
> and is about the size of a TV remote control.  There are 2 different
> models... one gives you a visual display of tempo, the other ouputs MIDI
> clock.
> For some reason I remember it being called Voyager Beat Extractor or
> something. The logo is a red planet with a ring of LED's around it.  Sorry
> that I can't remember the exact name.
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