Tiracon 6V problems: help appreciated

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Wed Mar 1 22:10:01 CET 2000


I recently posted this message to the AH list and got a response from Peter
Blackett that I should give it a try on the Synth DIY list, so here it is.

I recently got my hands on a former East German Tiracon 6V synth. Though the
exterior is in good condition, the inner parts are giving me some troubles.
The synth has 6 voices, but 2 of them are broken.

Bad voice 1 diagnosis: when this voice is selected, no sound is heard until
you tweak the resonance of the LPF into self-oscillation.

Bad voice 2 diagnosis: when this voice gets selected, a 'plop' sound is
heard when a key is pressed and another 'plop' sound followed by a short
tone from the VCO is heard when the key is released.

Another problem is, that the batteries leaked over the CPU board.

My questions are:
- What's the best way to remove the battery leakage from the CPU board
(water, alcohol, other stuff)?
- What could be the cause of the voice problem (the battery leakage or other
known weaknesses)?
- Does anybody have a service manual for this synth?
- Does anybody knows where I could get the VCO chips (AK317?) or other chips
that were used for this synth?

Thanks in advance,

The Netherlands

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