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> I'll try this 1 more time since the last time I asked on a weekend night:
>  There is technology offered in some DJ gear that allows for locking on to
>  the beat, probably locks on to the sound of the kick drum in some fashion.
>  Does anyone know if this technology is offered in an external box that
>  would allow connecting to various sources and then send to others?

There is a device out there, but I don't recall the name.  It's made for DJ's 
and is about the size of a TV remote control.  There are 2 different 
models... one gives you a visual display of tempo, the other ouputs MIDI 

For some reason I remember it being called Voyager Beat Extractor or 
something. The logo is a red planet with a ring of LED's around it.  Sorry 
that I can't remember the exact name.

Dave Magnuson
Independent Music Site

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