Playing the modular through my home stereo

harrybissell at harrybissell at
Wed Mar 1 16:13:25 CET 2000

IMHO the amplifier is in no danger...

The speakers MAY be in danger... Synths are capable of high frequencies (even ultrasonic) that can fry tweeters
not designed to handle the extreme HF energy. Limiter may not help here, as the HF energy (even limited) is still far greater than a "typical" music source.

I'd hook up a second pair of musical instrument speakers for when you use the synths...


 ---- On Mar  1 --M <mitch at> wrote: 
>     Hey all I've been playing my modular through my home stereo. Is this
> bad? It sounds ok but sometimes I worry that I may fry my stereo? A
> friend suggested a limiter? What do you guys think?
>     I like to use the stereo its very convient I can record from etc.
> --M

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