Playing the modular through my home stereo

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well that really depends on your setup,..alot of people use monitors similar to
those used in normal studios but they are not really going to be the heart of
the problem. most home Hi-Fi's have little circuits built in to enhance the
sound of the record you are playing,..these records will have usually been
mastered in a proffessional setup and all the large speaker busting frequencies
will have been 'ironed' out a little. Your best option is to look for a little
button on your amp called 'source direct' or alternatively if you have an all in
one job, turn off all the enhaced bass and 'roomy' affects.

hope this helps


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Subject:  Playing the modular through my home stereo

    Hey all I've been playing my modular through my home stereo. Is this
bad? It sounds ok but sometimes I worry that I may fry my stereo? A
friend suggested a limiter? What do you guys think?
    I like to use the stereo its very convient I can record from etc.


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