Playing the modular through my home stereo

Wed Mar 1 14:35:40 CET 2000

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> >     Hey all I've been playing my modular through my home stereo. Is this
>  >bad? It sounds ok but sometimes I worry that I may fry my stereo? A
>  >friend suggested a limiter? What do you guys think?
>  The amplifiers ought to be fine, all though it might be wise to watch your 
>  input level, as some modulars can produce quite a voltage swing.. Some 
>  concern for the input stage of the stereo. The real concern is for your 
>  tweeters - you have an excellent chance of blowing them to the lack of 
>  equalization and compression in the signal.
>  If you watch the input level (output of the modular) and add some sort of 
>  eq to control the higher freqs, you should be OK... but just remember that 
>  home stereos are (generally) not musical instrument amplifiers, and were 
>  never intended to take the kind of abuse that a live instrument signal is 
>  capable of inflicting... call it dynamic range.

 With some amps, isn't it possible that an input with a DC offset can damage 

 I'm speaking a bit over my head here technically, but I think older Harmon 
Kardon amps (and others) had DC coupled (or not DC coupled?) amp stages that 
could react adversely in this instance.

 On the other hand, I've always used home stereo amps to play my synths 
through and have had no problems....

 Andrew Sanchez

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