Phasers (was:Re: you say tomita, I say......)

Kirke Sonnichsen kirke at
Sun Aug 6 20:11:09 CEST 2000

And you can hear them both, right here:

Mark Pulver and friends have done our community a great
service with this page.

And, if I remember correctly, a few years after the
Instant Phaser came out, flanging was all the rage so
Eventide came out with an "upgrade" board to turn the
Instant Phaser into a Flanger! Then, after a while they
gave the Instant Flanger a box with it's own name on it.

But, didn't the (Tom Oberheim designed) Maestro Phaser
pre-date the Instant Phaser?

- Kirke
(go ahead, phase the music) 

>Many of you will recall that Eventide came up with the first "Phaser". The
>schematic I have of the Mutron Phaser has Eventides' name on it. It's the
>familiar multiple opamp-fet circuit that Uni-Vibe did earlier with
>photocells instead of fets.
>/Doug Forbes
>> >I always used to
>> wonder who the hell "eventide clockworks" were and why no-one else ever
>> listed their box........
>> Synergy did. I think there even was a picture of the Eventide box on the
>"Sequencer" sleeve (LP of course).
>> /Jorgen

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