front panel lettering (was: New "old" member)

Michael Buchstaller buchi at
Thu Aug 31 14:00:26 CEST 2000

>Solution 1) Hold the nut still with a spanner, and rotate the pot on the
>other side of the panel! Of course, you need enough space to be able to
>do this.

Main problem with this is that most of the pots that i am using have a
small pin (notch) on the top of their case to prevent them from accidentally
being roteted by brutal users.

>Solution 2) Use a subpanel on which the pots are mounted, with just
>their shafts poking though the front panel. See the bergfotron for this
>style of mounting.

That seems to be a solution. But when i have to do another sheet of metal
just for supporting pots, i could also do the actual lettering with my milling
machine (see: for an example)
This is what i am doing all the time with my modules, but the letters have to
be relatively large due to the milling bit´s diameter.

-Michael Buchstaller

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