Design by ear

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Fri Aug 25 06:17:15 CEST 2000

Paul Perry wrote

>look at the Dr Q, there isn't anything precise 
there. So I think there is some 'design by ear', but by people who know
what they are doing....I find the hardest thing in designing fx, is to stop looking at the
CRO and trust my (or preferably somebody elses) ears.<<

Couldn't agree more Paul and it's a universal hangup. Most recording engineers will tell you a Chameleon amp sounds better than an H+H but they always make sure they know which one they're listening to before they pass judgement! Distortion FX were invented by accident after all. I can imagine a lot of tech types, on hearing distortion created for the very first time, would have said 'fix that terrible noise!'
My favourite envelope FX is the the Mutron 111 BTW. I built mine from scratch and added a threshold control for variation.

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