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Wed Aug 30 21:54:03 CEST 2000

The Blue Box is one of those flip-flop type octave dividers.
I think that's at the heart of all octve divders without dsp
in them (well I supose you could make a case for the flip-flop
being dsp...)

And octave up circuts of that era all seemed to use a
balanced modulator with both inputs receiving the same
signal, then, like their octave dividers bretheren, some
had some waveshaping or filtering. The Electro Harmonix
Microsynth had both of these in paralell with a mixer
that fed into the dynamic filter stage. I seem to remeber
getting an extremeley good 'string' timbre with the Microsynth
and a guitar by adding just a bit of the 'octave up' with the
straight signal. It added a nice 'edge' to the sound.

A great Blue Box effect was to place it at the output
of a highly reasonant LPF then sweep the filter frequency
A highly 'useable' Bluebox effect.

- Kirke
(free phone calls, too)

>>>what about the MXR Blue Box?<<
>got one of those, too. I bought it to use on bass guitar, after seeing john
>parrish use one with pj harvey- we asked him how he got such a good fuzz
>sound on his bass and it was the blue box. when I tried it, it sounded
>pants. gave it to our guitarist, he gave it straight back.
>even better blue-box story:
>in 1993, when I'd been at mtv only a little while, dinosaur jr came in to do
>a studio set. all the flight cases were purple, and j had big bean bags
>instead of guitar stands..... quite a character. anyway, me and the guitar
>tech were setting up the amps- I got rid of a buzz that had plagued them the
>whole tour, simply by keeping the many mains leads for the marshalls away
>from the signal leads. one of these flight cases was about 9 feet long, 5
>feet high and only about 6 inches deep. "what the hell is that?" says I.
>"it's his pedalboard" says the tech. seems mr mascis couldn't bear the idea
>of his pedals and stompboxes being in a different place every night, so he
>had them all fastened to this enormous blob-shaped lump of perspex so they'd
>all stay the right distance from each other.
>one of the was the blue box. the tech plugged one of j's jag's into the
>whole kit and started checking it all out. he switched on the blue box-
>horrid noise comes out. neither of us knew what this thing was supposed to
>do but it sounded wrong so I went for a new battery. it still sounded wrong.
>"guess it's supposed to be like that" says the tech, and got on with tuning
>and so forth.
>during the set, I watched as j stomped on the blue box, pulled a face and
>stomped it off again.
>does anyone know what's inside it?
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