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Tue Aug 29 19:18:47 CEST 2000

<<>...And was it Laurie Anderson who had the violin with a tape head on

the instrument, and the bow was strung with magnetic tape?

Yeah, I tried this too after reading an interview with her. Made a

terrible din. I tried using bits of tape with 440Hz and other tones from

my little Moog Rogue. Maybe I needed to practice the technique more.


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FWIW:  Would wonder (sorry, dunno myself) what track width (full, half . . ?) 
L. Anderson was recording to the tape she strung to a violin bow.  IMH(and 
inexpert)O, the wider the track width the easier it would be to playback by 
hand.  Maybe some tape guides on or near the play head were used as 
well--that and her bowing technique might also have helped.

Saw some movie with her doing this--way back in the early 80's. <g>  Seems 
she was playing some short recorded bit of speech like "Hi, how are you?"


Does anyone know if new tape loops are avaiable for the solid state

WEM Watkins Copycat? Or perhaps contact information if this company

is still alive and kickin'?


Hallgeoi soory that should be Hallgeir :-  

Um, never used any original WEM loops.  Just spliced some out of (gasp) Radio 
Shack generic 1/4" tape.  Any advantage to WEM loops other than their 
probably using better tape stock/exhibiting better splicing technique? (he 
asks answering his own question)

At the following link, there was a UK address/phone # for Watkins that may 
still be current (link info seems to be as of 1998).


HTH/Back to lurking,
Kevin S.

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