SCI Pro-One

Goddard, Duncan goddard.duncan at
Tue Aug 29 19:07:11 CEST 2000

all I could bring myself to do to mine was the second clock for the
arpeg/seq. concentric control (a sony part) for the two rates, and a led for
each. looks nice, not too interfered-with. the switches are terrible,
though, aren't they? all the pro-1's I've used have dodgy switches in the
mod routing especially, and the keyboard's pants too. and why no s/h mod
source? there's noise available- surely wouldn't have cost that much more to
add...... hmmm... I could crib the one out of the cs30......
anybody tried the "big sequencer" mod? I believe it was based on a bbc


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> By the way, one of the easier & most worthwhile mods I've done on this
> thing is to install extra buffers for the modulation routings (LFO Amount,
> Filter Envelope Amount, Osc B Amount and Wheel) & run them out to external
> jacks -- been using these to control my recently resurrected Emu/SSM demo
> modular, and it sounds really sweet.
> The Pro-One is one of the better DIY synths, as it lends itself to so many
> non-destructive mods like this one (i.e., it can easily be returned to its
> original  condition).


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