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I have done this for a couple of panels to match my MOTM stuff.  It came out very nice.  After a year, one of my panels has some small spots were I apparently didn't get enough adhesive, and I have a couple of small bubbles underneath.  I used a satin spray lacquer fore the over the top finish (looks great).  I did not use photo quality paper as I has printing a black l and white only image.  In fact, I do not think photo paper would work as well.  I can e-mail you some photos of the finished results if you are interested.
Larry Hendry

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  Hi all,
  on the subject of front panels for modules I was wondering if anyone out there in diy -land has tried this idea?
  draw the required layout on the computer using a graphics program , print this  onto photo quality inkjet paper and spray mount it to your aluminium panel, then coat it with a spray on laquer to prevent scratching and just trim out the holes with a scalpel.
  Doing this would allow you to colour code the various sockets or controls.
  Ian Sabell-Tamworth,England
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    I just signed up to the list and I was a member back in '97. I've buildt PAiA kits and I have visited Dieter Doepfer and bought a basic A100 system from him. This A100 was sold and I bought a Nord Lead II instead, but now I'm in the mood to build a new modular synth.
    I'm thinking of the new PAiA 9700 system, anyone had any experience of that one?
    I would like to build my own front panel but I'm tired of Letraset, any links or tips on how to make a DIY front panel?
    This list has already provided me with valuble links and information, thanks!
    Kraftwerk, The Early Years
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