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Paul Perry pfperry at
Sat Aug 26 03:59:18 CEST 2000

>I would like to build my own front panel but I'm tired of Letraset, any
links or tips on how to make a DIY front panel?
Peter, if you jhave a job & it isn't against your DIY ethics,
have the panel(s) engraved by a computer controlled milling
machine from a DXF file.
I know there is at least one German company does single orders
by mail. Just a matter of locating.
There is hard plastic double layer material made for this.

Similarly there is material (including coated aluminium) made for
being written on by laser (it ablates the coating, this is how the
brand name is written on disposable razors, believe it or not)

paul perry melbourne australia

If you ARE committed to DIY, get into silkscreen.
It isn't any harder than etching your own boards, and a MUCH 
nicer job than rub-down letters.

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