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Goddard, Duncan goddard.duncan at
Sat Aug 26 00:51:49 CEST 2000

>>>PC/Mac software that allows some kind of back & forth scrubbing would a
visceral option.  Sound Sculptor II for the Mac  *sort of* works that 
way--you can shuttle fwd & back from 1x to 2x speed, but not at less than 1x

speed.  The funky not oft seen tiny Yamaha sampling keyboard, VSS 30, can 
loop and has a reverse button that you can toggle real time ("emit laereal 
time reallaer emittime" etc).  <<<

the old cheetah sx16 sampler could be put into a "scratch" mode, with your
pitchwheel directly connected to sample playback. I had lots of fun with
this before the beast died on me- must get the 'scope on it. it was supposed
to help you edit samples but they made it a feature when they realised the
noise was similar to turntable-type action. the filters tracked amazingly
well, as I recall; almost no whistle, and much less grief than the laurie
anderson approach. and in "normal" playback, the pitchbend could be set to
+/- 500%, for god's sake! reverse pb was by a button on the front panel.
similar stunts are possible with bits of 1/4" and a mellotron.... I'm
starting to have an idea that would mean killing the motor and turning the
flywheel by hand, but I'll have to be careful or I'll get chucked off the
'tron list..... don- anyone tried anything like this, that you can think of?



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