Rack cabinet sale - shameless plug

Doug Tymofichuk dougt at cancerboard.ab.ca
Thu Aug 24 17:11:06 CEST 2000

Greetings, everybody!

The Electronic Peasant is having a super sale on 19 inch 
rack cabinets!

In an attempt to make some room for yet more stuff, I am 
clearing out my stock of these professional heavy duty 
units. For Synth-DIY members only, I will part with *all* 
of the rack mount items on this page: 
<http://www.angelfire.com/electronic/epeasant/tradingpost/tradingp.html> for the low price of $100 CDN (approximately $65 US). This includes *3* rack mount cabinets on castors, two 40 inches tall and one 37 inches tall, as well as all other rack mount items listed, in the quantities shown. If you are interested in only some of these items, let me know and we can work out a deal.

The only catch is that YOU have to pay for the 
packing/shipping of these things to wherever you are 
located. As they weigh a fair bit, this could be quite 
expensive. If anyone interested lives within 100 km of 
Edmonton, I would be willing to deliver them for free, 
myself. Otherwise, it's your problem how you get them to 
your place. If you live far away and beg, I may drop the 
price further. And I would be willing to trade them for 
almost anything, if you prefer.

Please, somebody give these high quality units a home, or I 
will be forced to sell them to the local scrap metal dealer 
to be destroyed and recycled!



The Electronic Peasant


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