Yamaha's own MIDI definition

Theo t.hogers at home.nl
Thu Aug 24 15:52:02 CEST 2000

Hi Martin.
I don't know how to change the ROM,
however maybe the following will do for you.
Hookup a uC between the TRX line of the PFP100 processor and the midi out
port buffers.
No need for opto-couplers 'n stuff here, just one micro.
You can add some more functionality while your at it, e.g. key board split.

With a little trick you can use existing front panel controls to access the
new functions.
The game goes as follow:
"Replace" the original front panel switch with a 4066.
Connect the front panel switch with the new uC.
Let the uC control the 4066.
Now you can program the uC like this;
push one time => original function,
push 2nd time => access new functions.

I used this method to "improve" a Yamaha DD11.
It now has a HiHat open/close switch and velocity a crossfade option (nice
for ride cymbal or snare).

Hope this helps, Theo

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> Do you know a person on this planet who is able to change the ROM EPROM
> or whatever firmware for a YAMAHA PFP100 electronic piano in order
> to change max velocity from the annoying 100 to 127 (like the rest of
> the world?).  I know, any sequencer can do it, as well as many little
> midi wizzard boxes...
>  but it would be better to have it right from the start.
> m.c.

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