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Ken Stone sasami at blaze.net.au
Thu Aug 24 03:35:46 CEST 2000

> you mean you don't have the shell at all? that's a disaster.

No shell, nothing but a hole in the back of the unit. The way I see it,
I'm going to have to build the cartridge from scratch. I picked the unit
up at a garage sale for $5 a couple of months back. The previous owner
couldn't find the tape. I've grabbed a few good things at garage sales,
like a Rose Morris Goldentone Basemaster tube amp for $10, and a
Wurlitzer 200 Electric piano for $40 (always need fixing of course, but
that's part of what DIY is about).

On the subject of non-binding. I had, though no longer have, several
rather large carts that housed 1/4 inch tape on a 7 inch approx spool. I
believe these things were designed for data storage. The quality of the
tape for audio use was appalling.


"Goddard, Duncan" wrote:
> >>>I have one of the Melos units myself.  The problem is I have no tape for
> > it. The tape is like a tiny 8-track cartridge.<<<
> >
> >
> you mean you don't have the shell at all? that's a disaster. I used to
> dismantle them and fill them with ordinary cassette tape, experimenting with
> different brands for the right non-binding quality (like the nab carts that
> were the basis of 8-track and are still in use for spot-effects in radio and
> tv studios).
> now I'm more determined than ever that my guitarist's melos will be
> resurrected.
> d.
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