precision rectifier

Paul Perry pfperry at
Mon Aug 21 17:26:15 CEST 2000

The second op amp in the 'classic' two op-amp
precision rectifier is only used as an adder so
far as i can see, so in a practical aplication the 
'second' op amp might already be there.

For that matter, perhaps the 2nd op amp could be 
replaced by a passive summing network, if levels allowed
and if you tweak resistors a bit to allow for impedance 

Real cheapskates will waste their lives doing horrible
things with saturating transistors, single transistor 
phase splitters and lord know what else. But, in a practical
case, usually in analog synths by the time the rectified envelope 
has been filtered, it doesn't matter much whether it is 
'precision' or not. (IMHO)

paul perry melbourne australia

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