What are collet knobs?

Rob cyborg_0 at iquest.net
Mon Aug 21 04:51:03 CEST 2000

AHA! Ok, this is good. I never liked the knobs with the screw on the side
because it always seemed too hard to get at and it always seemed to push
against the shaft and screw up the knob alignment. Wow, you learn something
good every day!



*Collet Tool Must be Purchased seperately*

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> At 05:04 PM 20/08/00 -0700, "Rob" <cyborg wrote:
> >So, Rean has a bunch of knobs called "collet" knobs..
> You often see them in mixers, there is a cap on the end
> (usually colored) which you can CAREFULLY lever off, and
> this reveals a brass screw, in the same axis as the pot shaft,
> which as you rotate it (using a SPECIAL TOOL NOT SUPPLIED)
> causes the knob assembly to ungrip the shaft.
> Main advantage: you can get at it vertically, and there is no way
> for the knob to be  eccentric.
> Disadvantage: people get confused and try topull them off with
> pliers and f*ck everything up.
> paul perry melbourne australia

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