What are collet knobs?

jhaible jhaible at debitel.net
Mon Aug 21 02:37:24 CEST 2000

Various brands of collet knobs available - all similar, bit
differ in price and material / "feel of surface"

Rean are more on the cheap side and have a rather "soft"
feel. Large Rean's are perfectly ok, smaller ones only good
on pots with low torque - a bit slippery for stiff pots.
I'm using rean a lot. I buy them from Maplin/Uk. Strange thing
is they have just a limited selection of size / colour / collet diameter.
You can get one knob diameter only in 1/4" and another knob diameter
only in 6mm (from Maplin, that is). Which _would_ be annoying,
*but* you can change collets between knobs, so if you buy enough
of each type you can combine collets and knobs as you like.
Coloured caps is another story. I can only get red or black for
the large diameter knobs - I wished I could get grey ones somewhere
to match the smaller sizes on my JH-720.

Other brand I've tried is Elma. More expensive, harder material,
better feel.


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> At 05:04 PM 20/08/00 -0700, "Rob" <cyborg wrote:
> >So, Rean has a bunch of knobs called "collet" knobs..
> You often see them in mixers, there is a cap on the end
> (usually colored) which you can CAREFULLY lever off, and
> this reveals a brass screw, in the same axis as the pot shaft,
> which as you rotate it (using a SPECIAL TOOL NOT SUPPLIED)
> causes the knob assembly to ungrip the shaft.
> Main advantage: you can get at it vertically, and there is no way
> for the knob to be  eccentric.
> Disadvantage: people get confused and try topull them off with
> pliers and f*ck everything up.
> paul perry melbourne australia

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