A 3rd version of MS-20 ?

Augusto Pinoche augustopinoche at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 18 02:22:40 CEST 2000

To be exactly shure ask your friend for the
KLM number on the PCB then we can all be 100%
shure that it is a Korg design and not an
DIY add on or any third manufacturers add on.


>From: Haible Juergen <Juergen.Haible at nbgm.siemens.de>
>To: DIY <synth-diy at node12b53.a2000.nl>, analogue <analogue at hyperreal.org>
>Subject: A 3rd version of MS-20 ?
>Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 15:31:24 +0200
>As you surely know, there are two different versions of
>the Korg MS-20, the most prominent (but not only)
>difference being the filters (Special Korg-35 IC vs.
>LM13600 OTAs).
>A few weeks ago, a friend called me and said he had
>two MS-20's which both have a little add-on pcb,
>(like the later OTA version), but *no* LM13600's.
>He found a lot of diodes instead ...
>This makes me think - was there actually a 3rd
>MS-20 version with a diode ring filter like the
>MS-50 had ?
>I haven't seen it with my own eyes, but this friend
>is very trustworthy, so I take it that there is a 3rd version.
>Remaining question: Is it the same filter as in the MS-50,
>or another variety of the basic concept ?
>Anybody got more info ? Schematics even ?

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