Gravity Wave Detector as Random Voltage Source?

matti at matti at
Tue Aug 15 07:48:07 CEST 2000

Ummm, has anybody built this circuit? If it works, that may not mean that it's 
gravity doing its thing, and if it doesn't, then that may mean that it's simply 
a bad circuit, but I nonetheless think it a little silly to be discussing this 
without firing up the soldering iron and getting messy.

Quoting Rob <cyborg_0 at>:

> Well, er, thats what Im getting at! ;)
> I would *think* the normal "shot noise" that is generated from random
> movement of the electrons due to heat differences and such would be
> greater
> than any effect gravity would have on electrons..
> Im sure gravity would have a sort of an effect on electrons near the
> surface
> (like static electricity) but in the actual material it would be too
> small
> to use.
> Hrm... maybe if you had some sort of electrolyte for the electrons to
> move
> freely in?
> Rob

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