TB-303 power supply

Ken Stone sasami at blaze.net.au
Tue Aug 15 00:15:31 CEST 2000

Point 1 - you have no earth connection on the 78M12 (from the center
Point 2 - regulators such as 78M12 REDUCE the voltage. They must have at
least 2 to 3 volts MORE than their specified output voltage fed into
them. You would need to run what you have drawn off 15 volts not 9 volts

Point 3 - please don't mail binaries to the list.


*Star Project wrote:
> Hey all...
> I started to draw a quick scheme for my replacement power
> supply to my tb-303. But before i get into it any deeper
> i just want to know if I'm on the right track.
> I'm sending a real quick made GIF picture to show how
> i got started. But i managed to label two of the regulators
> 317K when it should be a un regulated one giving u +6V & -6V
> However from the LM 317K that remains after that i want it to
> produce a voltage of 5.333V.
> Am I on the right track? If i have the time I guess I will finnish it
> tomorrow.
> / Andreas H
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                        Name: power supply.GIF
>    power supply.GIF    Type: GIF Image (image/gif)
>                    Encoding: base64


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