bandlimited pseudo noise

Martin Czech czech at Micronas.Com
Fri Aug 11 20:43:16 CEST 2000

I give up! It is not possible to achieve reasonable bandlimited (20kHz)
pseudo random noise via shift register hardware.
Even a digital filter (using the shift register a la Art of Electronics)
won't do, 32 zeros give only -30dB, not enough for alias suppression
when digital recording. And alias will kill correlation.

Ok, back to the original idea: a prepared CD with so and so many seconds
of pseudo random noise which is Fourier synthesized , and
thus brick-wall bandlimited...

This means I'll have always to sacrifice one channel for
the reference signal.

It also means that I have to use a linaer amplifier for
the speaker.

What do you think, will a small speaker do (HiFi, 40x20*20 cm) ?
Will 20 or 40 W output be enough for a good signal?

I have no idea.

OTOH I have still an Elektor MOSFET power amp, maybe I should
these parts... 100 W.

The speaker is rated for sine and for music power, I guess noise
comes closer to the later?

I must go home now....


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