Analog Sequencer/Sampler? (e)eprom

Jim Patchell patchell at
Fri Aug 11 16:17:46 CEST 2000

    As far as I know, you are not going to be able to store an analog value in a
bit of an (e)eprom.  If perfermance is what you want, I don't think you be able to
beat the (ugh!) digital solutions that have been put forward.  If you are going to
try to store a waveform into an eprom in an analog sense, assuming that it could
be done, when you are done, you will still have a sampled waveform.  The only way
I know of to store a waveform in a purely analog form requires the use of rotating
machinery (tape deck).

    On the other hand, don't let nay-sayers like me deter you in your quest.  Who
knows you might actually come up with something.


paulvb wrote:

> I don't mean storing digital samples of analog sound digitaly in (e)eproms. I
> meant storing analog data in (e)eprom. every bit an analog value.
> >===== Original Message From Jim Patchell <patchell at> =====
> >    You can do this with a PC based sound card and an EProm programmer.  Just
> >record the sound and create a .wav file.  You will have to write some code to
> >extract the data from the .wav file, but, this can then be burnt into an
> eprom.
> >
> >    -Jim
> >
> >paulvb wrote:
> >
> >> Is there anybody who has any experience in recording analogly to (e)eproms.
> >> I just read a little about it, and i heard that some answering machines use
> >> this method.
> >>
> >> Paul v b

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