2 modules ideas

Jeroen Proveniers J.Proveniers at orga.nl
Fri Aug 11 11:58:27 CEST 2000

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> HH,
> > I think the owner of the "Modulus" pages has described a very
> > HF VCO, as have several other list menbers... I seem to 
> remember they were
> > still capable above 200KHz. We would NOT care about waveform
> > integrity... just a pulse would be OK.
> >
> yep, it'll goto a smidge over 1Mhz.. and gives just a pure 
> square wave.
> > You might try waveform multiplication using a sawtooth wave
> > (like Grant Richter's "Waveform City") to get a high frequency
> > clock...
> >
> yeah, you could use an ADC and use the LSB as a clock.
> >
> > The "top octave" comment is also good... but since the 
> chips are mostly
> > unobtainable today (and they are equally tempered) maybe we
> > should use our own divider strings. THIS approach will toss 
> the frequency
> > well into the MHz...
> >
> you can do TOG chips with micros, not too difficult really..
> But its not a very flexible approach.
> >
> > This is why (IMHO) few units have used additive sucessfully. The
> programming
> > is a real bitch !!!
> this is the REAL problem.. for anything half decent you need 
> at least 32
> harmonics
> and multi stage EGs for each, this soon becomes a complete nightmare!

I made an additive synth on the PC, but I made it really subtractive. The
power of the harmonics is based on the filter setting and resonance. Very
slow process though, but it gave nice sounds, better then the 4 op. FM(PM)
synth I tried.
Now working on how I can make resonance with PM-synthesis. Just a sine with
the output routed back to the phase. Will try to put this in an AVR to make
a single chip monosynth, MIDI controlled... just to see if it's possible.


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